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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sharing Someone Else's Life Work

Most of the time when we think about being generous, we think about it in the context of what we know. But I want to challenge you to think about how you can be generous with things you appreciate in others. So many times we are impacted by the ideas of others. As those ideas provide insight and wisdom for our lives, we grow and develop our own ideas.

So it is fitting that when key thought leaders come along that we should be generous with what they have invested in us. A friend of mine, Dion Forster, shared a blog post of someone he knows that does this so well. JD Meier developed a comprehensive list of key ideas, quotes, and resources from the author and innovator Seth Godin. When I saw it, I was truly amazed. JD took the time to bring together Seth's content in a way that someone who has never experienced Seth's work can understand his core ideas and take away many valuable lessons. One of the things about it that really amazed me was the investment that JD must have made. This was not a passing tweet of information . . . this was a significant synthesis of Seth Godin's thoughts and work for the benefit of others.

Who do you know that is a key thought leader? Have you ever thought of pulling their key ideas together and sharing them with others?

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