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Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Generous Mind that indexes things?

One of the great things about being a Generous Mind is that the content can be anything that you want to share. It isn't only sports, or only spiritual things that are worth sharing. Whatever you can create / think about / define is worth sharing with others.

I found an excellent example of this that Seth Godin brought to my attention. He has a new book out called Linchpin (definitely worth a read). In it he really advocates being generous with ideas in the new economy. But in that book there was no index.

So, one of his fans who is into research and loves indexes created one for the book and gave it away. You can see it here. What an amazing example of a generous mind! Here is a famous author who's book doesn't have an index and an indexer who just can't help himself.
This is what he says about his generous efforts: "In the terms Seth uses in Linchpin, this is a gift. Partly because I took a skill I had and put the results out there to help people, not to get something. Partly because I see this as a way to express myself. I'm not trying to get work as an indexer. I am trying to highlight the value indexers create."
Two things to highlight here:
1. He is looking at the ideas/knowledge he has as a gift. How often do we fail to do that and how often does that lead us to be stingy with our ideas?
2. He is creating value for what he loves as he shares. So many times we have a "limited good" mentality that convinces us not to share what we have in order to keep our value. But in this new economy, being Generous Minds gives us value!
What do you know that could be a gift to those around you and in turn add value to your ministry and outreach?

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