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Monday, February 15, 2010

What does a Generous Mind Look Like - Part III

One of the traits that sticks out about a Generous Mind is their curiosity. They are curious about everything . . . and I mean everything. They will ask you how you made that turkey soup. They might ask you what your favorite movie is. They will most certainly quiz you about your job and your family.

What does a Generous Mind do with all this information? Well, being a Generous Mind makes you fully aware that every piece of information that God brings your way may be able to be combined with other information and used to honor God and bless those around them.

So this means that when you are around a Generous Mind they will say things like, "I met this guy once who was a plumber and he said..." or "My best friend's favorite musician was (fill in the blank) and he gave an interview that might help you with your project."

You might be wondering if a good memory is part of being a Generous Mind. Well, a selective memory is for sure, but more important than a good memory is knowing what to remember and knowing when to bring it out and use it.

Have you ever been with someone who only talks about themselves. You have a whole meal with them and they never ask you a question. That is not a Generous Mind. A Generous Mind would fill the air around your table with questions. They would be focused outside of themselves and on those around them.

So, what did you learn today that you plan on implementing tomorrow? If you share it here, you never know who it might bless!

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