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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What does a Generous Mind look like - Part II

The idea of being a generous mind is growing in popularity and interest. We are seeing so many more instances on Google of people talking about the idea and processing how to live it out. So this series on what a generous mind looks like is very important.

Today I want to focus on a key belief that defines a generous mind. That belief is that everyone has something to pass on. It sounds simple and a bit general. However, as we talk with people and probe into their thinking it is very clear that a majority of people out there do not believe that they have something to say that others need to hear.

Of course you have the few who are filled with ideas and compelled to share them. Being generous minds comes naturally to them. Those are the people that we assume the concept is made to represent. But Mindy and I would counter that and challenge everyone reading this to consider the possibility that every living person created by God has something that He has uniquely prepared them to share with others.

That means that the garbage collector who comes to your house has something that you need to learn and know. It means that the young person who hands you your Big Mac and McDonalds has something to teach you.

If that is true then a generous mind is someone who realizes that they have something to share with others and begins to look for ways to share it.

Now the immediate mistake people make is to assume that being a generous mind means being a famous writer or speaker. Actually, the best generous minds are those far from the limelight. They are the people who are asking God to reveal Himself to them and then sharing what they are learning in their sphere of influence. Anyone can do that ... right?

Well, the reason that there are not more generous minds in action out there is because the Evil One tricks us. He tells us that what we have to share is common knowledge, that we don't know it well enough, that we are not good enough communicators. Each of these lies drives us deeper into ourselves and keeps us from sharing what God has birthed in our hearts.

Has that happened to you? Have you been deceived into thinking that you have nothing to share? Have you been robbed of the blessing of being a generous mind?

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