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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting The Message Out

To be a Generous Mind, you have to be tenacious about getting the message out. There is something about a generous person who is willing to do crazy things to share their ideas. Why are they willing to go to some of these lengths?


Because a Generous Mind believes that the idea that God put in their heart needs to be shared.

Recently I saw an example of this that took me by surprise. I saw a Gospel presentation in the last place I expected to . . . the men's restroom. Yes, now you know that Jon is writing this blog.

You see, right above the urinals in the men's restroom of our church there are these 8.5 by 11 paper holders that have promotions of various programs and ministry opportunities. Usually it is things like the food pantries' needs this week, the upcoming men's conference, etc.

But recently I looked at the advertisements, and right there on the sheet was a Gospel presentation in a short paragraph. You see, someones has the job of creating that sheet of announcements every week and for some reason that week they decided to share the Gospel story. It was the last place I expected to find it, but I'm sure that was true for many that week.

So here is the question for you today. What is the message that God has burned into your heart this week? Now, what lengths will you go to share it? You see, even if it is the coolest message in the world with the greatest blessing to the hearer, it only materializes when you decide to take a step of obedience and share it.

Lets practice together. Please feel free to share what God has put on your heart as a comment to this blog.

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