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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sharing Music

There are many ways to be a generous mind . . . this concept isn't only for writers or poets. In fact, anyone with an idea to share is a generous mind waiting to come out. One great way to be generous is to share your play lists. Music is what inspires us, encourages us and motivates us. So why don't we share it? The answer is that we think people won't care. But you might be surprised.

Here is my Missional Music Play List from iTunes:

  • Love them like Jesus, Casting Crowns
  • Blessed are the tears, Bryan Duncan
  • Rescue, Newsong
  • Thankful, Josh Groban
  • Never gonna be as big as Jesus, Audio Adrenaline
  • Does anybody hear her, Casting Crowns
  • History maker, Delirious?
  • Give me Jesus, Jeremy Camp
  • Boy like me/man like you, Rich Mullins
  • The beauty of grace, Krystal Meyers
  • Come lift up your sorrows, Michael Card
  • Mercy man, PFR
  • Let mercy lead, Rich Mullins
  • I'm not who i was, Brandon Heath

Enjoy as you strive to be missional in your life!

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