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Sunday, February 08, 2009

30 Ways to Be a Generous Mind in 30 Days

Are you proactively working to be generous with what you know? You might think that it is hard to do . . . it sure sounds daunting. So we went on a journey to find 30 simple ways to be a generous mind in 30 days. The results are below:

Day 1: Identify something you learned yesterday. Pick who you will share it with today. Do the same tomorrow - if it helps write it down.

Day 2: Ask a child their perspective on something you normally wouldn't. Then process their idea and share it with others in your network.

Day 3: Get a book off your shelf, pick out one thing you learned from it, and then send the book to a friend with a note about that idea.

Day 4: Learn something new about a tool you use every day (computer, blender, drill, etc) then find someone else using one and share.

Day 5: When someone shares an idea with you, look for an uplifting addition to their idea. Help make their idea better with your words.

Day 6: Open up a dictionary, pick a word and then come up with a new idea using that word. Call your best friend and share it.

Day 7: Go to your favorite news/info site and find an article that you know a friend would want to read. Take the time to email it to them.

Day 8: On your next errand, take a minute to talk with the service person that helps you. Share something simple that will lift them up.

Day 9: Take a Bible verse you heard this weekend at church and print it out. Then give it to someone tomorrow as an encouragement.

Day 10: Watch a significant event (i.e. the presidential inauguration) and pick out something that needs talked about. Send the quote to some friends and ask for their thoughts.

Day 11: Take a camera with you, snap a photo of what inspires you, and then share it with an explanation that opens your experience to others.

Day 12: Music is a blessing that needs to be shared, so gift an Itunes song, share some lyrics, sing at an event or write your own song.

Day 13: When you hear someone share something valuable tomorrow, turn around and share it with someone else - but make sure to give credit.

Day 14: Have some friends over for dinner and announce the topic to discuss ahead of time. Ask each of them to bring some ideas to share.

Day 15: Think about a memory that has greatly impacted your life. Share that memory and the lesson you learned with someone else.

Day 16: Prayer is a powerful way to share ideas. Connect with a friend and pray aloud for them. Prayer allows you to share powerfully.

Day 17: Pick up your cell phone, go to the first person in your address book and call them. Share what you are going through and learning.

Day 18: Keep your eyes open for ambiguity. Be ready to embrace an ambiguous idea, reflect on it and discuss it with someone else.

Day 19: Define a big challenge in your life. Put it into words and then challenge your coworkers, friends, and family to help you solve it.

Day 20: Identify a generous mind in your life that invested in you. Write them an email or letter sharing something they taught you.

Day 21: Join a book club, bible study or other group that gives you a chance to engage others with your ideas.

Day 22: Go to Google Image search and find your favorite artwork. Then send the link or do a blog posting about how the art inspires you.

Day 23: Read something from another culture and apply it to your experience. Look at your life in a different way and share the experience.

Day 24: Share an experience with someone. Next time you have tickets to an event; make sure to take someone who will benefit from it.

Day 25: Ask a question to 10 friends, collect all their answers and send them to all of them without names. A group to gives perspective.

Day 26: Research a cause (i.e. World AIDS Day) and then share some new insights about the effort with your network. They probably don't know.

Day 27: Introduce two of your friends to each other over coffee. Connect their interests and skills so they can learn from each other.

Day 28: Share the sites, sounds and smells of a trip you have taken. Introduce another person to that place in a way that opens their eyes.

Day 29: Share your definition of generosity with someone and then ask them how they would define the word from their experience.

Day 30: Pray that God will use the simple ideas we have talked about to open up opportunities for you to be generous - always rely on Him.


Marlene Legaspi-Munar said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Phyliss said...

Hmmm---guess I should share THIS article!

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Please do! Thanks for being generous minds :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

This is a great concept! I purpose to try to be generous with my ideas, thoughts, tips, etc. I appreciate the 30-day tips.

(Ps...I didn't realize this was you guys! How cool!!!)

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

thanks Nicole, blessings as you share your ideas!