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Monday, January 14, 2008

Relentless Generosity

To be generous with what you know takes a relentlessness that is hard to explain.

You have to know two things and believe them strongly:
1. You have something to share
2. Others need to hear it

If you aren't driven by those two statements, then you will struggle to be very generous with your ideas. You will always be coping out and saying things like, "They already know about that." or "My idea isn't that great."

This relentless generosity is not pride, althougth you can fall into that for sure. Instead, it is an understanding that God has given you something that others need.

The reason that relentless generosity is so powerful as you share ideas is that it comes across as passion! That means that people look into your face and know that you really care about this idea and you care that they know it. You are grabbing them by the shoulders and saying, "You need to think about this!"

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