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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Generosity That Falls Flat

Sometimes people don't appreciate our generosity. That sounds weird when you say it. The assumption about generosity is that it is welcomed and appreciated. But that is not always the case.

Being a Generous Mind is taking what you know and sharing it with others. But sometimes what we know isn't something they want to hear. In fact, many times it isn't what people want to hear. Generosity is a outward effort by one person to another. But it is not an individualized effort. For generosity to be effective it has to be recieved.

So what happens when people don't recieve our ideas. Well, we have a few choices. We can decide that we will not get hurt by them again and we stop being generous with them. Or we can continue to be generous and allow them more opportunities to accept it.

Being generous is thankless work most of the time. People take your ideas when you offer them but many times they don't thank you, they don't even give you credit many times.

So why should we do it? Well, we do it because we truely care about the person and we also care about the idea. If an idea is worth sharing, then it is worth some risk.

Do you care about the people in your life and the ideas you have to share them??

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