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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Generous Response

Recently a friend of mine shared some information with me that was a great help. He probably didn't know it would help me. HE was the one struggling through it . . . but it was a great help.

He thought enough about what he was learning to be generous - now what should my response be???

When I think about a generous response and what that looks like, I am pretty convicted. We have talked in the past on this blog about the need for us to be generous, but it goes even a step further when we say, "We must be generous in sharing how others have impacted us through their acts of generosity."

It only makes sense. How do you feed something unless you are giving it more kindling. You can only feed a generous mind by throwing more input and ideas onto the fire. So what should my response be?

I should share openly how the information has impacted me and the analysis and practical application that I have made with those ideas. That takes proactivity because I am busy and don't always have time. Also, when I see that person again, I may want to move on and talk about other things - but if I am committed to being a generous mind I will stop and share the impact of their special gift.

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