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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Generous Poetry

I would like to share this poem written by a friend of mine - Dr. Dee Walker. He is truely a generous mind.

"As I thought about my life and the people that God has brought into my life, I could not help but affirm that it is ALL His doing. It is nothing about me. So, I penned the following:"

What would I be without the Lord? A Lost sinner
Where would I be without the Lord? A wandering soul
Who would be my friend without the Lord? Who knows? More sinful men lost like me.

Without the Lord,
My achievements will be useless.
Without the Lord,
My life will be directionless.
Without the Lord,
My future will be hopeless.
Without the Lord,
My family will be in ceaseless torment.
Without the Lord,

He owns all of me; I am a Manager.
He owns all I have; I am a Manager.

Without the Lord,
I am surely NOTHING.

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