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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wiki What?

The world of generous minds is coming to life through a new culture of participation. One of the great tools that shows this is Wikipedia - the free online encyclopedia that anyone can update. It allows a user to define things, correct mistakes and build a body of knowledge that is owned by everyone.

It seems kind of crazy. I mean, why wouldn't we want the neatly edited version that comes out from the major publishing houses? The articles are probably better written and more informative. But that is discounting one thing - this type of participation will attract Generous Minds who are expert in their field. It will not attract idoits just blowing off steam, but people who know this stuff and want to share.

If you look at the entries they are well written and comprehensive. Essentially a project like this proves that we can produce quality work out of generosity and not just out of a business model designed to comoditize data. (Sorry that was a mouthful - you know what I mean.)

Check out and see what you think.

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