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Monday, May 15, 2006

Inventories Everywhere

A word that seemed to be an old industrial age term is back for a new reason. When many of us think about inventories, we think about counting widgets, tracking clothes at the Walmart or a can of pineapple at Safeway.

Today, we have found the use for the inventory, but we are simply tracking other things. Sure we still inventory physical items around the world (now we do it be tagging them with radio devices to be tracked via satellite), but I want to talk about our idea inventories.

Today we are struggling to get our hands around our intellectual property and also our human resources. So we bring a tried and true idea back to the table. We are now tracking ideas, content and human ability in ways we could have never imagined. Our main helpers of course are the powerful search engines like Yahoo and Google that scower the world for information and catalogue it or put it into inventory. A few blogs ago, I talked about Wikipedia - that is simply an inventory of human knowledge updated by an advocate.

What inventories are you involved with and how have they changed how you work?

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