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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who Are the Generous Minds

It is easy to assume that Generous Minds are authors, teachers and speakers. But actually, these are the professionals - it is a bit like managers of large foundations. The key to true knowledge transfer is having people from all walks of life looking for opportunities to be generous with what they know.

Here is the question - Will you be generous today?


Anonymous said...

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Justin Long said...

Definition of "Generous":
Ample. Plenty (sufficient, plentiful, abundant, more than enough, full, generous, liberal).
Benevolent. Kind, caring, compassionate, generous, giving, kindly, benign, munificent,
Big. Large (full-size, life-size); huge (gigantic, giant, immense, large, great, enormous, vast, whopping); considerable (substantial, sizable, significant, large, important); bulky; extensive; spacious; tall.
Bighearted. Generous (kind, kindhearted, philanthropic, charitable, kindly)
Bounteous. Plentiful (abundant, copious, overflowing, bountiful, ample)
Bountiful. Plentiful (abundant, generous, copious, profuse, ample, numerous, unstinted, plenteous)
Charitable. Generous (giving, benevolent, altruistic, helpful, liberal, bountiful, openhanded); considerate (understanding, accepting, sympathetic, tolerant, gracious, lenient).
Free. Gratis (free of charge, at no cost, complimentary); liberated (open, unbound, boundless, limitless, released, uncontrolled, uninhibited, emancipated).
Freehanded. Generous
Generosity. Kindness (bigheartedness, openhandedness, liberality, bounty, bounteousness, munificence, charity).
Generousness. Spaciousness (largeness, capaciousness).
Giving. Charitable
Giving. Charitable (philanthropic, generous, openhanded, benevolent, bountiful).
Handsome. Generous (substantial, sizable, attractive, liberal, considerable, abundant, ample, princely)
Large. Big; sizable; well-built;
Lavish. Plentiful (generous, abundant, sumptuous, copious, bountiful, prolific, fulsome); extravagant (profligate, wasteful, over-the-top, immoderate, unrestrained); lush (luxuriant, luxurious, copious, abundant, rich); heap (pour, bestow, smother, cover with, load with)
Liberal. Open-minded (broadminded, moderate, noninterventionist, freethinking, tolerant); generous.
Munificent. Generous (openhanded, magnanimous, unstinting, unsparing, free-handed, charitable)
Not Petty. Not: little (insignificant, trivial, unimportant, minor, inconsequential, paltry, irrelevant, small, trifling) or mean (small-minded, nasty, cheap, grudging, niggling).
Openhanded. Generous.
Overgenerous. Profligate (spendthrift, wasteful, excessive)
Prodigal. Wasteful (reckless, dissolute, profligate, extravagant, uncontrolled)
Tolerant. Broadminded (open-minded, liberal, forbearing, understanding, charitable); lenient (indulgent, relaxed, patient)
Understanding. Sympathetic (considerate, thoughtful, kind, accepting, indulgent, perceptive, appreciative, supportive, tolerant); knowledge (comprehension, insight, awareness, appreciation, grasp, discernment, perception, conception); sympathy (empathy, consideration, kindness, compassion, tolerance, indulgence); agreement (arrangement, deal, contract, settlement, accord, pact, bond, harmony).
Unselfish. Selfless (Generous, noble, magnanimous, kind, thoughtful, considerate, altruistic)
Unsparing. Generous (openhanded, magnanimous, unstinting, unsparing, free-handed, charitable)
Unstinted. Plentiful (abundant, generous, copious, profuse, ample, numerous, plenteous)
Unstinting. Generous (open-handed, liberal, giving, bountiful)

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...


Thanks for all the good words and definitions. I especially like the words "Freehearted" and "Lavish" to describe our attitude towards sharing what we know.

cherry said...

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