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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What would the world look like?

Imagine a world of generous minds!

If we were all generous with our ideas, how would the world be different? Imagine a world where people are looking for ways to share what they know with others. How would that change the business world? How about the nonprofit world? What about your neighborhood?


Anonymous said...
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Justin Long said...

might look at larger companies for examples of generosity - perhaps generous with information with suppliers, or customers, or employees or the like.

might look at limited instances of generosity - for example, websites that give away portions of books in order to sell books.

might look at public service companies. or charities that seek cures for diseases?

creative commons?

websites like (web studies on usability)

open-source movement might be a great example of a "generous mind"

what about mentoring movements? big brother/big sister?

there is an article in wired about an IRC channel that is generous with its thoughts and has helped to shape nearly every major software package out there.

mission magazines like ibmr, ijfm, mission frontiers, momentum - the articles are contributed without repayment to the authors. this illustrates generosity.

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Great ideas - The Open Source movement is a great example because it is people who realize that their impact can be so much greater if they share what they know.

Another example are the stock photo sharing Web sites. These are places where photographers place photos and give them away as long as you ask for permission and send a final product.

Justin Long said...

Another aspect is the "Web2.0" concept pioneered by O'Reilly... in which people are "generous" with their material (like Google with its Google Maps) in order to promote widespread use that lends itself to its advertising platform.