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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

People are the Mission

One of the easiest mistakes we make when we dive into the information age and begin to let the ideas roll over us, is that we can easily forget what the point is. What is the point of an idea? Is it to make money? Is it to bring us fame? Is it to solve social ills?

There are many uses for an idea and so there are many reasons to be generous with them. But no matter how hard I try and how ever many times I get distracted from the true focus, I always come back to one answer - people are the mission.

All ideas are exciting and powerful with tremendous potential, but they are worth little until they touch people. What good are Nathaniel Hawethorn's powerful stories, Edgar Allen Poe's haunting poems, or Peter Drucker's practical essays if they do not help someone.

You might ask, "Help them to what?" Sometimes I get caught in a misconception that "help" has to mean something deep and earth-shattering such as bringing someone out of depression, helping save a marriage, or guiding someone into the right career. But making people the mission doesn't have to be that dramatic.

Sometimes being strategically generous with our ideas can produce encouragement on a hard day, resolve in the face of doubt, a smile or even a laugh . . . those things are what pull someone out of the ordinary and into aliveness.

Yes, aliveness - it may or may not be a real word but it captures the feeling that I am trying to explain. Most people live most days without much life in them. They simply survive the responsibility and the ache of dreams unfulfilled, discipline unattained and peace unfound. Our minds may hold a key thought that can release potential, drive, emotion . . . life.


Anonymous said...

The key seems to be the alignment of ideas with people. As we look to identify what ideas will help certain people, we are placing our ideas carefully where they will be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to think about the unlimited number of potential ideas and then the matching of an idea (or a few ideas) to the right person(s) in the right setting. Your first commenter on this post has very appropriately identified a key issue. How do we help people who need "just the right idea" - and can't seem to think broadly enough to find it? Often leaders open up a crate of possible ideas and they easily become overwhelmed. Yet without inteacting broadly about - at least - several ideas; we can't help them identify which one is the right one for them. I think it takes compiling many ideas - and potential ideas - and over an extended period of time offering them - tentitively - at jsut the right moment when they can be "heard."

LBTodd said...

This "sharing of ideas" can be really powerful when we consider the third dimension of the Holy Spirit. A lot of times we are prompted to share an idea or thought with someone by the Holy Spirit. The goal then is just to be obedient and not think of excuses why not to share. Most of the time when I have affected someone positively I can see the guidance of God through my words. If we are constantly seeking the presence of God and asking to be used by Him in His agenda each day, the potential for affecting people is huge. And like you said, even a smile can pull someone into aliveness. How much more alive can you be than walking in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and sharing that with others.

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

That is a cool point LBTodd. When we make people the mission then every action that we take breaths life into them and empowers them to care for others. Imagine the impact. Its a bit like that movie Pay It Forward where the little boy does these acts of kindness that change his future and the future of others around him.